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Who are we?

Canada’s Restoration Services is a Canadian restoration firm offering the best disaster recovery and specialist restoration services possible. We provide a wide range of services, including mold and asbestos removal, fire damage repair and water damage repair.

Located in the Greater Toronto Area, as well as other major cities in Canada, we have the experience, expertise and service quality that you require to get the job done right. We can come to you, wherever you are located.

Giving your home the best security possible should always be your first priority – and when something does go wrong, you want to get rid of the collateral damage as quickly as possible. We can help repair damages after disasters or get in there before the damage becomes serious, depending on when the problems are noticed or how they occur.

Experience and expertise

  • We work with both residential and commercial properties
  • We have years of experience within the recovery and restoration business
  • We provide expert and detailed solutions to your problems


  • Our aim is always to be courteous, prompt and professional in our response to your questions and concerns.
  • We can be on-site within 45 minutes, which means that in an emergency you can have everything restored as close to normal as possible right away.
  • We will provide you with a free estimate for the issue and agree on a cost up-front so that there are no surprises later on.

Insurance & Financing

No one expects or plans for damage to occur in their homes, which can place a strain on your finances. Here at Canada’s Restoration Services, we work with all insurance companies to ensure that your claim is handled promptly and properly.

We also offer free, in-house, 0% interest financing. This means that you can have your project completed as quickly as possible without have to struggle to pay for the service all at once. We are here to help you get back on track, and this is one way of ensuring that you and your family have a safe, clean home at all times.


Mold removal

When a porous surface in your home is exposed to dampness and moisture, a breeding ground for mold will exist. After 36-48 hours, if not cleaned properly, mold can grow exponentially and become an even bigger problem. The best thing you can do is deal with mold as soon as you notice it in your home. This will save you time, money and health problems.

Mold can cause many serious health problems, especially serious respiratory issues. The reason why professional mold companies are in business is because they have the proper technology and equipment to deal with the mold in your home.

If you can see or smell the mold, mold testing is not necessary. The most important thing is to remove the mold quickly and properly. Canada’s Restoration Services can help you remove the mold from your home. We will give you a free estimate, complete the work quickly and properly and even give you a certificate of a mold-free area.

Asbestos removal

Asbestos is a natural mineral that was commonly used in homes, buildings and schools prior to 1987. It can be found in insulation, attics, around pipes, ducts/HVAC systems, behind walls, in basements, ceiling tiles, plaster ceilings, plaster applied to wood lath, ceramic/vinyl floor tiles and roof shingles. Vermiculite, a type of insulation, can contain asbestos. If the insulation has been disturbed in any way, it is necessary to have the air tested and the asbestos removed.

At Canada’s Restoration Services, we use full containment under negative pressure, decontamination chambers and showers that are vital in order to safeguard everyone in the removal process

Water and fire damage

Knowing what to do in case a flood occurs in your home can be valuable in the event of a natural disaster or catastrophe. Impacts of flooding include water damage to your home. Mold is also a serious concern that can impact your house, from the structure to the health of the inhabitants.
When water damage occurs in your home, it is important to have it assessed by a professional so that steps can be taken to ensure that it does not happen again. Leaks must be fixed and issues must be mitigated as soon as possible.
Canada’s Restoration Services can help you, from the emergency clean up to the removal of any damage and to the restoration of your home.Fire damage can contain dangerous fumes so it’s crucial that those cleaning up have the proper equipment and knowledge to do the job.


Canada’s Restoration Services can be there for you in any situation to restore your home to its best possible condition. Call today for a free inspection and estimate on your home.

Recent Reviews

Matthew S.

Due to the freezing cold the past couple of weeks, we had one of our pipes break in our basement causing some flooding. Most of our basement got soaked, resulting in removing our floors, a section of our wall and all of our personal belongings. When Canada's Restoration Services came to clean out they informed us that they will be able to help us with putting it all back together. After we saw what a wonderful job they did cleaning our place, we didn't to use anyone else. Their construction manager came out to assess what was removed once their clean up guys were done and we gave him the go ahead to start working. Highly recommended! He did a great job, very clean, neat and accurate.  


Highly Recommend CRS! I found mold in my closet that had shown up over the winter. Called in Canada's Restoration and they were out the next day. I was so pleased with Aris and his knowledge that I knew this company was the right company to go with. Work was booked in 2 days later and now I am mold free! Technicians showed up on time and were very pleasant to deal with. No doubt, call Canada's Restoration! 


I had mold and mushrooms growing in our basement beside/behind our washing machine which we thought was coming from the shower stall in the bathroom on the adjacent wall. I call Canada Restoration Services, and customer services booked Mr Rodriguez to perform an inspection. Mr. Rodriguez, quote me very reasonable, I compared his quote with other restorations services, and I choose Canada Restoration Services due to their professionalism, honesty and knowledge of what he was presented to me. The techs were arrived on time at 9am, and they call me half an hour before. During the process, their performance was very professional. I do recommend Canada Restoration Services to anyone. Gents keep up the good work. Thank you. 


Asbestos was discovered in our home during our renovation, we had to put everything on hold, which was devastating to us. We quickly looked up "Asbestos Removal" on the internet and lucky for us Canada's Restoration Services came up right away. We contacted them and we had an inspection booked for the next morning and 2 days later the job was booked and everything was removed in a timely and efficient manner while keeping costs down. Everything was handled professionally and we felt very taken care of. You can't go wrong with this company!


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