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Asbestos Removal Toronto

Have you found asbestos in your house? Or just suspect that those vinyl tiles or stucco ceiling might contain asbestos? Canada’s Restoration Services can help you determine and eliminate potential asbestos threat!

We are committed to providing comprehensive asbestos inspections, precise laboratory testing and professional asbestos removal in residential and commercial premises in Toronto and GTA.

Due to high fire resistance and low thermal conductivity, asbestos was a popular additive to building materials up till the mid-1980s. It was widely used in pipe wrapping, “popcorn ceilings”, vinyl floor tiles, vermiculite insulation, etc. Its popularity then caused huge demand for its removal nowadays. Older houses, built 25-30 years ago, now start revealing their asbestos secrets during construction/renovation works and home inspections. Many homeowners don’t suspect they have asbestos-containing materials in their houses. Although asbestos is not dangerous when not disturbed, in most cases it has to be removed when found as a safety precaution.

When damaged or disturbed accidentally, during construction works, or due to natural causes, thin asbestos fibres are released into the air and can pose serious health danger when inhaled and cause diseases like asbestosis, pleural plaque, and various kinds of lung cancer.

Remember: asbestos removal should not be taken lightly – this job must be performed by licensed professionals following all necessary safety regulations!
We have licensed asbestos inspectors who perform visual inspection of the suspected asbestos-containing materials and take samples to run a third-party lab testing. If test results come back positive for asbestos in quantities exceeding the maximum accepted norm, removal procedure is strongly recommended.
Your safety is our primary concern! When performing asbestos removal, our specialists build special protective barricades to seal the affected area and prevent cross-contamination. Materials containing asbestos are then accurately removed and properly disposed. Professional air-purifying equipment and negative air pressure don’t let asbestos fibres escape through the barricades, making asbestos removal a completely safe process.

If your house is over 25 years old, you have stucco or “popcorn” ceilings, old vermiculite insulation, white pipe wrapping or vinyl floor tiles in the basement, don’t take your chances – book a FREE asbestos inspection with us We will provide a professional consultation, take samples for testing and advise you on further steps if asbestos removal is required.

Call Canada’s Restoration Services today to book your free asbestos inspection today.

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