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Tips for hiring an asbestos removal company in Toronto

When choosing an asbestos company in Toronto it is important to look into a few important aspects before making a final decision. Understanding that asbestos is highly dangerous to any humans health and has been connected to various cancers is a major factor. Additionally understanding that only when asbestos is brittle or starting to break down is it harmful to your health is important. This way when speaking to companies, they cannot scare you into hiring them. When choosing your options, it is vital to only professional and highly trained companies. Here are many locations where asbestos was used. And in some cases, it is has been handled or worked near without the knowledge of it being asbestos. In some cases, some homes have blown insulation and the attic has been worked on or patched, this can release fibres into the air. Or many homes may have insulation around pipe work which can contain asbestos, and have a leaky pipe. Any work to the piping can cause circulation of the dust. 

Should you believe that a substance may look like asbestos, you shouldn’t only rely on visual inspections. Hire a third party to test the substance for clarity on its characteristics. This way you can’t be scammed into hiring a company to removal if the compound doesn’t have any asbestos in it. Testing companies can take a sample of the compound and send it to a lab to determine the exact materials.  It is important that they use certified laboratories. The two methods of measuring materials for asbestos. One is Polarized Light Microscopy (PLM) and the second is Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM). Be sure that the certified company collects the sample as this will minimize any exposure. 

Understanding that any company that completes testing and the removal should be a major red flag. By testing and removing substance by the same company is considered a conflict of interest. The company prior to coming out to take a look should initially ask whether the asbestos was testing or not. This is absolutely essential as the remediation process may depend upon the type of asbestos that is present. Furthermore, you should find out the procedures which the company will take to remove all asbestos. Additionally, you should ensure that the company will completely seal off the affected area to ensure there is no risk of cross contamination of asbestos fibres to other areas of the home. Improper procedures of removals can allow fibers to become airborne and thus contaminating the rest of the home.

Once the proper containment has been setup, you want to ensure that they will wipe down and ensure that the areas is 100% clean from any dirt or debris. Should you be worried whether the air has been containment, hiring a company to test the air after the work is completed is recommended. The most important tip when hiring for an asbestos removal project is finding out the credentials of any company. Looking for reviews online, see who they are affiliated with, and see if you can find any association that governs them.

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