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All About Mold Removal in Toronto

In every home or office there is bound to be some form of mould. Mould is necessary to assist in the decay of organic matter within an ecosystem. However that is the ecosystem and not your home or office. Although mould is not attractive it also has certain health hazards. Not all mould is harmful. But in your house, as in the ecosystem mould is the first indication of decomposition. As most homes today have a structural base and framework that is made of wood, that is the last place you want the mould to start developing. Most houses in the Toronto area will be affected in some way by moisture, whether it is just the damp in your ceiling, bathroom or basement, or is caused by water dripping on the outer framework of windows and doors. Or even perhaps during the snow in winter when the windows of your home are closed and the interior has condensation due to the internal warmth.

Mould needs moisture and heat to grow and although the situation needs to get very mouldy before structural decomposition begins, wouldn’t it be more cost effective and less time consuming to remove the mould before the damage sets in. Houses in the Toronto area use dry walling and wooden window and door frames, and the situation is aggravated by the long wet and cold winters, which necessitates closed windows, and which in turn creates a wonderful breeding ground for mould.

Let me give you a few details of the hazards of having mould growing in your house and particularly of black mould. The effects that mould has on the structural decay of your home, if left untreated are simple to understand. Your house will eventually collapse, not all at once but systematically. Imagine the basement collapsing due to rot having set in from leaks, floods or just from normal damp, and the mould takes hold and begins the decomposition of the wooden beams or floorboards. This will have a snowball effect on the rest of the structure. 

Now let me explain what the effects of the mould will have on you and your family’s health, so that you can realize that mould is a serious issue and needs to be addressed, not only in your home but in the entire Toronto area and why it needs to be removed.

Everyone is at risk. Infants, young children, immune compromised people, pregnant mommies, people with lung or respiratory problems like emphazema, anyone with allergies or asthma. The results of inhaling the spores generated by the mould could result in flu like symptoms, aggravated asthma attacks, skin rashes that may be itchy, headaches, fever, sore muscles, nasal congestion and many more health risks that can be associated with the inhalation of the mould spores. Black mould on the other hand can have far more serious consequences over a period of time. Any mould spores inhaled can possibly lead to cancer and could ultimately be fatal.

Before we get to how to remove mould or to enlist the services of the professional mould removers in the Toronto area, let me help with some details that could help you control the mould in your home before it becomes a major issue. Ensure that all surfaces are kept dry specifically in high risk areas like bathrooms and basements. Don’t leave cardboard boxes on your basement floor as mould thrives on the damp cardboard and is a point of growth to the rest of your basement. Therefore attempt at all times to keep areas of your home moisture free. Even in winter allow windows to stay open even for a very short time to allow condensation in the home to dry, or ensure that your heating system is drying the condensation. Or you may need to buy a heat recovery ventilator if you do not want to leave windows open, this unit will reduce the interior humidity levels. You can also have an extractor fan fitted in your bathrooms to draw out moisture. This control must not be limited to just the living areas of your home, but to basements and attics as well.  Please remember that dry mould just needs moisture to regenerate and begin the decomposition process all over again, aside from the fact that dry mould is rather unattractive. Eliminating the food sources of the mould is only one aspect. You need to kill the mould off totally because the mould that is hidden in cracks and crevices has a nasty tendency to start growing at the slightest opportunity should a bit of moisture or damp become prevalent. 

Bleach does not eliminate mould it just bleaches it as the name suggests, as does painting over the mould. The mould will just regenerate after a period of time. Also doing this will only disturb the mould spores and they will be released into the atmosphere to be possibly inhaled by your family in the home. An interesting factor about mould is that it sends out root like structures or fingers, and these find their way into anything porous and then begin the decay process, this just indicates how pointless bleaching and painting are, as they treat the symptoms not the cause. And that cause will just reinvent itself and start the process all over again. 

The only reliable solution to your mould problem and to the removal of the mould in the Toronto area is to call in the experts. They have the know how and the ability to remove the mould permanently, they also have the means and the knowledge to test whether the mould in your home is toxic or non toxic. It is far safer and more cost effective to allow experience and professionalism to remove the mould in your home. These mould removal services are available in the Toronto area and should you have the need for asbestos insulation removal, asbestos tile removal and vermiculite insulation removal they will also assist you professionally with these issues.

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